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Nursing Homes in Belleville - The nursing home's director deals with all of the every day tasks needed to keep a nursing home running well. A director will be responsible for managing staff, keeping track of and ordering supplies, managing the budget, ensuring that the grounds and facilities are well maintained, and, most importantly, ensuring that all the residents are happy and well cared for. If there is a problem it is normally the director's task to handle and solve the issue. The director would also be responsible for reporting to the owner of the nursing home or to the government body overseeing the nursing home, if it is not a private facility. The director will also meet with senior staff members to talk about the budget, performance of the staff, and any other types of issues which there may be in the home.

The director is responsible for upholding the rules and regulations set out in the policies and procedures documents of the home. Policies can be discussed with the owners and staff from time to time to ensure that the home is being operated in a suitable manner and that the residents are being taken care of with up to date policies and procedures. Staff is responsible for following the facility's policies and procedures. A lot of research is required to ensure that the rules and regulations are up to date with provincial laws. Often, this research would lead the director to determine if there are any improvements which must be done to improve the quality of the nursing home. The director needs to talk to residents to be sure that they are happy with the level of care that they are being given. Any issues that arise should be handled and resolved. The director determines whether or not new kinds of equipment are right for the home and if the equipment could be afforded.

It is the job of the director to interview new applicants and then choose which ones are suitable for the required jobs. The director decides whether there is a need for new staff, that there is enough money in the budget to afford new employees, and whether the applicant's experience and education are right for the job. It is also the responsibility of the director to fire any employees who are not meeting the nursing home's quality standards. The director should make sure that all of the employees at the home is properly doing their job. They would also ensure that every member of the staff has the required training and will arrange training programs when necessary. All of the employees in a nursing home, like certified nurse assistants, therapists, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, volunteers and doctors report to the director of the nursing home.

The director of a nursing home truly has many tasks. Good directors would have a handle on all the things that happens in the facility, will expect a high quality of care from all its staff and would not delay tasks unnecessarily.

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Belleville became a major railway center right after the Grand Trunk Railway was completed in 1855. During 1998, the city was amalgamated along with the nearby Township of Thurlow, which expanded the area to form the City of Belleville (as part of the Ontario-wide municipal reconstruction). Belleville city was also joined to some portions of Quinte West to the west.

There is much natural beauty and scenery, with beautiful parks can be found throughout the city of Belleville. Some of the parks and locations include the Lake on Mountain, Sand Banks Provincial Park, Glanmore National Historic Site, RCAF Museum, Family Fishing Weekend and Quinte West. These are just some of the more common locales people could visit in Belleville...