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Care Homes Belleville - Care homes are private, small facilities, that house several residents, often up to a maximum of 10. People stay in private rooms with either common or private bathrooms. There are shared living, dining, and recreation areas for all residents to use. Residents could live mostly on their own, but are provided with a lot of help such as laundry, meal services, medication management, cleaning, getting dressed and bathing. These homes are occasionally referred to as board and care homes, residential care homes, personal care homes, or adult care homes. These types of facilities have somewhat the same concept as assisted living facilities, but on a much smaller scale. Most assisted living facilities or other long term care homes are a lot bigger facilities which accommodate numerous residents. Normally there are more medical services available that are available to residents on-site.

The main advantage of a care home is that these facilities are suitable for individuals who do not need access to medical attention regularly and who do not need medical supervision. Both the stress and burden of maintaining a home and the cost of living is also eliminated or reduced, because the grounds and residents should be taken care of by the home owner and maintenance expenses are shared among all of the residents. Residents are able to live mostly independently and are able to develop and benefit from friendships with the other residents within the facility. Residents have the opportunity not to feel depressed or lonely which often occurs during the loss of one's social connections and aging. Accommodations are generally cozy and inviting. Residents also have the benefit of professional care as well as the feeling of increased security as opposed to being alone in a house or apartment.

Residents of care homes are typically those people who may be noticing a reduction in mental or physical ability but do not require extensive medical care or supervision. Residents in a care home can live mostly by themselves but may need or benefit from some type of assistance with basic daily tasks such as performing basic hygienic tasks, getting dressed, doing laundry and preparing meals. In a care home, you wouldn't find individuals who have debilitating illnesses or conditions that need a medical professional's care. In several homes couples could room together and pets might even be allowed.

The majority of homes are regulated by each province and should be subject to regular inspections in an effort to obtain and maintain their license to operate. Cleanliness, employee certification and background, facility maintenance, resident health, and meal plan nutrition are all things which are under strict regulation to guarantee the residents' health and safety.

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Belleville became a major railway center right after the Grand Trunk Railway was completed in 1855. During 1998, the city was amalgamated along with the nearby Township of Thurlow, which expanded the area to form the City of Belleville (as part of the Ontario-wide municipal reconstruction). Belleville city was also joined to some portions of Quinte West to the west.

There is much natural beauty and scenery, with beautiful parks can be found throughout the city of Belleville. Some of the parks and locations include the Lake on Mountain, Sand Banks Provincial Park, Glanmore National Historic Site, RCAF Museum, Family Fishing Weekend and Quinte West. These are just some of the more common locales people could visit in Belleville...