Belleville Retirement Homes


Leisure and Recreation

Seniors are kept active and engaged by enjoying a wide array of social, cultural, and recreational events organized by our dedicated activities coordinator. These activities help to promote general wellness while simultaneously strengthening the sense of community.

Some of our popular, regularly scheduled activities include exercise classes, bridge, bingo, hour hours, and movies. Our residents play a large role in deciding what activities are scheduled. Holiday celebrations, along with other special monthly events and summer barbecues, are joyous celebrations.

In addition to our efforts to strengthen our resident’s physical health through exercise classes, we also offer a physiotherapy program targeting senior’s specific mobility and strength issues.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our residents stay happy and healthy. Our events help to cultivate a strong sense of community which makes Belleville Retirement Homes Where You Want To Be.

Homestyle Dining

Our residents and guests expectations are constantly surpassed as we endeavor to deliver the best dining experience possible. Our dining room is elegant yet inviting, and is constantly filled with food and beverages. Each day we serve three complete meals, as well as refreshments and light snacks between meals. The kitchen and service staff are dedicated to ensuring that each of our residents enjoy their dining experience. Good food helps to promote good health and positive attitudes.

Belleville Retirement Homes strives to incorporate our philosophy of ‘fresh is best’ into all of our meals. The menu is mainly comprised of meals made from locally sourced ingredients. We strive to deliver meals that are delicious, of the highest quality, and nutritious.

All incoming residents speak to a senior member of our dietary team to help ensure that our menu is tailored to their likes, dislikes, allergies and other dietary concerns. Menu planning sessions are hosted on a regular basis where resident input and feedback is welcomed. This ensures that our menu is kept fresh and that our kitchen staff are well guided.

Housekeeping Services

We endeavor to take as much stress out of our residents lives as possible. Our weekly housekeeping services assist our residents with menial chores such as vacuuming and mopping, as well as the laundering of bath and bed linens.

While a complimentary laundry facility is included on site, it is also possible to arrange for our housekeeping staff to take care of this as well. Extra or unscheduled cleaning services can be requested as needed, should our residents wish for any extra help around their home.

Our housekeeping team strives to simplify the lives of our residents by performing these chores quickly, efficiently, and with utmost care.

Enhanced Living

The main goal of Belleville Retirement Homes as an assisted living facility is to take the stress and lengthly procedures out of healthcare while still maintaining a high quality of life. Our programs are catered to each individual to ensure that each program can be easily adapted as care needs change. This flexibility is just another reason as to why Belleville Retirement Homes is Where You Want To Be.

The monthly fee includes the following Medical Services:

24 hr. onsite nursing or on-call supervision
Medication management and administration assistance
Assistance in coordinating additional medical and placement services
Coordination of visiting specialists
Emergency response pendants
Resident status checks
Quarterly plan assessments
Personal care including assistance with bathing, dressing, hair washing, nail care, oral
care and escort services to meals

Our Enhanced Living Packages allows you the flexibility to customize a care plan that best suits your needs. Our Independent Living Package, the 24 hour emergency response from our Health Care Team, is included in your monthly occupancy fee.

Our Enhanced Living packages can include assistance with weekly bathing, dressing, hair washing, nail care, oral care and escort service to meals. Again, your monthly health care package can be tailored to you.

In addition, our dedicated staff can provide quarterly care plan assessments, monitor vital signs and assist residents and their families with outside appointments.

Medication and treatment supervision, administration of insulin and injections is also available from our health care staff. Our in house pharmacy program coordinated through National Pharmacy ensures that residents’ medication needs are met in a safe and timely manner, with twice a day delivery system.